Wadi Al Arbaeen

This is one of the most beautiful wadis in Muscat Governorate. It is situated 3 kilometers away from Wilayat Qurayat on the road leading to the villages of Fins and Bamah. The wadi cleaves a deep furrow in the flank of the A’Sharqiyah AlHajar Mountains.

An abundance of water characterizes the area, where deep pools are found in the wadi. Four villages on both banks form Wadi Al Arbaeen. These villages are famous for the cultivation of palm trees, bananas, lemon and mango trees.

The Sup tour will take you through a picturesque setting of mountains on one side and beautiful plantations and villages on the other. The tour will last for 2 hours and end with a light meal and time to enjoy the crystal-clear waters of Wadi Al Arbaeen